Sunday, October 7, 2012

Character, Camera, Collision

Added a character that moves around with keyboard input. Soon I'll figure out how to hook up gamepad input since that's what the game is being designed for, but for now arrows will suffice. Here's a screenshot of the temp art for the character. 

I guess I'll need to start using some sort of video capture since screenshots can't really display movement. Anyway, I've also implemented very basic camera functionality that automatically moves around when the character is a certain distance from the center of the screen.

Finally, I added the most rudimentary collision detection. Since I have no data representation of a Tile's physical model (just the graphics), I used the existence of a certain layer ('Ground Layer 3', which the rocks in the screenshot are on) as a temporary indication that the tile is 'filled'. It is a very simple collision resolution algorithm, and as such has the ever-so-common bug of the player getting 'stick' at tile creases. I'll fix it shortly!

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