Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bootstrapping the game

Not too much to show since the changes were mostly at the infrastructure level.
  • Fixed a bug with matrix transformation where the View (camera) was double the size it should have been. 
  • Bootstrapped the actual game executable, which more or less just loads the map and displays it with code similar to how the editor runs. However, instead of working directly with the data objects, they are first transformed to models. This should make things easier down the road when implementing moving entities, animation, etc.
  • Modified the texture data to specify a pair of texture coordinates and updated the texture set editor so that these values can be modified. This was necessary for dealing with image sources where the source file has been enlarged such that both dimensions are powers of two, but the image doesn't fill the entire canvas. This will also come in handy for sprite sheets, should I choose to use them.
Anyway, a screenshot of the actual game. Nothing new here, except a temp sprite that represents the player's position.

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