Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adding some color

Updated the Tile Stack Editor. I realized quickly that the existence of a selected texture was not a good way to differentiate whether or not a Tile on a certain layer existed. So, it's now controlled with a check box next to the name of the layer. Checking the box adds the tile to the stack, unchecking the box removes it and clears the data out.

I also added a color picker next to the texture picker. Once you turn a layer on, the default color is white. Here you can see I've made the bottom tiles red.

Other minor updates:

  • Implemented copy and paste of tile stacks, same as entities
  • Implemented 'drag' copy of tiles, holding Ctrl and dragging a tile copies it as you drag the mouse around.
  • Implemented 'fine control' drag of entities, holding Ctrl while dragging ignores snap-to-grid entirely.

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