Saturday, November 24, 2012

More sword animations, animation speed, minor tool updates

Just a few minor updates.
  • Made a more useful display (seen in big ugly, but convenient, red text) on the texture editor. Shows the size of the current selection (or proposed selection if you're highlighting an area0.

  • Made animation speed configurable. I'm betting this will get more complex in the future (i.e. individual frames that take longer than others), but for now a flat animation speed will suffice. Editor seen below--here you can see I've set the sword speed to '4'.  Any positive floating point number is valid.
  • Added the rest of the basic sword swinging animations (left, right, up) in addition to the one shown before. Although this isn't particularly interesting work from a development perspective, doing this kind of stuff highlights inefficiencies in the process, so I can fix those for a (hopefully) future artist who will use the tools. Quick video of the animations:

Alright, now I'm set to implement what I said I would last time: animations on tiles and sprites.

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