Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hard at Work

Okay, you've probably caught on now: I have been too busy actually working on the game to give super detailed updates on this blog. Hopefully you've enjoyed the development videos I've been posting, because for the time being that's what I will continue to post.

Here's the last few video I've put together that show my progress:

1. Super Dash

I'm testing out an ability which lets the player go really fast.

2. Step Triggers

These are switches that you activate by stepping on a switch on the ground.

3. Delay Triggers

A special entity that simply delays a trigger and then relays it to the next one. Good for sequenced events.

4. Idle Animation

Allison put together a nice idle animation for the main character.

5. 3-hit combat demos

Playing with a simple 3-hit combo system.

...same thing, experimenting with variable knockback forces. Also we've started prototyping a new environment.

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