Monday, October 7, 2013

Lots of Fun Development Videos

Although I haven't been updating this blog as regularly as before, it's only because I'm too busy with the actual game programming it self. I'd like to share a few videos that I've created over the past month or so.

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1. The Chasm

Just a fun little demo of dynamic floor tile scripts.

2. Persistence

Here's a video where I demonstrate values persisting between level loads. When the bridge spawns, the player can leave the screen and come back and it will still be there.

3. Dashing and Torches

In this video, I've swapped out the old (temporary) character art for a new (also temporary) sprite that represents the actual dimensions of the character. We chose a large head so that the player can fit in a more square-like area because we want the visual appearance to be close to the collision box, so the player can gauge whether or not something is going to collide with the player. This video also features dashing and dash-turning. And some fireballs. And a shield.

4. Switches

Implemented some switches. You can also see the design of the main character taking shape. One of the switch types is a basic toggle, the other is timer-based.

5. Fog

A cool fog effect.

6. Doors

A set of switches that controls the opening and closing of a door.

7. Section entry events / group destroy triggers.

This final video shows how something can occur when a room is entered (the door is closed) and how destroying a group of tagged entities (3 blobs, in this case) can trigger something else (door opening, wall torches being lit, fog fading away.

That's it for now!

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