Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slabs and Ladders

Hello! If you recall my previous update, there's a section about how I needed to make some enhancements to the layering system to allow for layer-over-layer scenarios. I put forward my plan for it and am happy to report things went pretty much exactly as planned. Here's a screenshot of the result:

Layer-over-layer functionality: complete!

So now, I have the ability to create sections with multiple layer of gameplay. I haven't implemented leaping off edges yet, but it won't be difficult with how I've set up the infrastructure--it's pretty much just the reverse of climbing up a ladder.

This update isn't quite as flashy as the previous few, but it's pretty important from an engine standpoint because this feature is one of the last things I wanted to do before finalizing the Section Data structure. I've been holding off implementing real levels--that is, things that will go into the final game, not just demos--until this was complete, since anything I created before this would be invalidated (and force me to write data converters, which I don't feel like doing!)

That being said, check out the new level editor:

A better looking editor with slab-switching support

Single-slab mode with models off

I've put together a video of me showing off the results. Due to popular request, I've decided to use a mic instead of using annotations to describe what's going on, since it was hard to read annotations and pay attention to the screen at the same time. So make sure your sound is on!

Since the video does a pretty good job of showing what's going on, that's it for this week's blog update. Stay tuned! Allison (the artist) and I are going to be working on some serious character design (the current character is just temporary), so hopefully I'll be able to show off some of that next week.

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