Sunday, May 19, 2013

Framework conversion

Unfortunately there's nothing fun to show this week, because I'm doing a conversion of my graphics engine from SlimDX to OpenTK--under the hood, this means Super Obelisk will use OpenGL instead of DirectX. 

The reason I'm doing this now is to ease the process of potential porting. Thanks to the efforts of the folks behind Mono, I can continue to write the game in the language I love, C#, and still have the ability to port to Mac, Linux, and whatever other platforms (consoles, handheld) can run Mono. The problem is that DirectX is not supported on these platforms, and OpenGL is. I selected OpenTK based on the fact that it's what MonoGame uses.

I haven't used OpenGL in many years (since college), and even then, my experience with it was fairly trivial, so I've been spending the last couple days learning the ropes. And by the 'ropes', I mean things like this:

Super Obelisk: Now a game about a lonely cube in a strange world

I'm a bit further along than that now and I'm ready to actually convert my codebase to the new framework, so that's what I'll be doing today.

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