Monday, March 18, 2013


Particles are cool! Lots of games and game engines have ways of setting up things that emit hundreds or thousands of little glowing particles. Technically I already had most of that in place already via scripting and the Section.CreateEntity method. One thing I didn't have, though, was the 'glowing' part, an effect achieved with Additive Blend mode (in contrast with regular old transparency).

See all the particles? A picture tells a few words. But it's not a thousand in this case. Luckily, this video does tell a thousand words (almost--make sure annotations are on for all of these!). Enjoy!

Next up I'll be working on Entity State. That is, I'll be setting up the infrastructure for allowing entities to be in different states, where each state has a collection of behaviors (scripts). This will be the framework for Enemy design, which should be exciting!

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