Monday, January 14, 2013

Advanced Animation Properties, Batch Frame Importer

I've been working on the Entity Property Controller sub-system, which will be one of the most interesting and critical features of the engine.

Now, I'm not really ready to demonstrate that system yet, since it's not done yet. But to briefly explain, a property controller is something that is attached to an entity to control one its properties--position, size, color, animation frame, etc. I don't want to go in too much detail since that's for the next post, but I did want to show how one of these controllers is used to control frame animation in a more flexible way.

Here's a video showing me working with the Asset Editor and Level Editor to import and configure a 36-frame animation (which has no business being in this game, it's just temp art). Check it out and stay tuned for some really cool stuff!

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